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Through its 40-year history, Transnational Diversified Group, led by its Founder and Group Chairman Mr. J Roberto Delgado, has been committed to the continuous growth and development of its companies and its people.

Over the past four decades, TDG has been a witness to so many changes in various economic and business environments. We have all seen how globalization has transformed the landscape, how new business models have disrupted industries and created new ones, how technology and social media have dramatically changed the way business is conducted and altered everyone’s way of life. Changes have occurred and continue to do so at a very rapid pace. 

TDG’s evolution from a shipping agency to a diverse business group shows that we have adapted to changes in the past and have been successful in taking advantage of opportunities. 

However, the past several years have been particularly difficult for most of our businesses due to the combined effects of the global economic and financial crisis, natural disasters, volatility in the currency exchange rates, heightened competition in our industries, and changing customer requirements and behavior. Despite the growth we enjoyed for the past 37 years, we continue to face these challenges and the need to anticipate, adapt and take the right action, is even more important today to sustain our profitability and growth. 

It is important that as we start another year, I urge everyone to adopt the 4A’s of Adaptability,  Agility, Alignment and proActivity: 

Adaptability. We must be flexible, able to adapt to the rapidly changing environment and cope with unexpected and unforeseen disruptions. We must always be open to changes and have an elastic, rather than rigid, attitude towards our businesses. We must have a deeper understanding of our customers and employees, and adapt to their needs as well.

Agility. We must have the ability to respond and act quickly on global, environmental and business demands, to move quickly to address change and unexpected eventualities, and always be ahead of our competitors. To do this, we must arm our organization with empowered people and efficient processes.

Alignment. In spite of our diversified businesses, each and every member company and TDGer must have a shared understanding of, and must be aligned to, TDG’s mission, vision and values. It is our mission, vision and values that shall unite us as One TDG and guide our efforts towards the same direction. As we adapt our businesses, people and approaches to the changes in the environment, our corporate culture and values of Excellence, Integrity, Fairness, Community and Stewardship must always pervade in the organization.

proActivity. We must all be forward thinkers and strategic thinkers. We must always anticipate future scenarios and craft relevant strategies that would allow us to build leading and sustainable businesses. More importantly, we should take action and make things happen.

I urge everyone to embrace and practice the 4As as we fulfill our mission to be the partner and employer of choice, and our vision to become Global, Great and Green!

J. Roberto C. Delgado
Founder and Group Chairman

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